Gymnasium – Basketball, Racquetball and Tennis Courts

Basketball Courts

Open Gym Rules

  1. To use the gymnasium for open play, you must be 12 years or younger to play free. Persons 13 and above must pay $2.00 daily.
  2. No food or drinks in the gym area.
  3. No gum, tobacco or snuff.
  4. No turf or running shoes. Basketball shoes only!
  5. All games played to a maximum of 12 points.
  6. No profane language.

All persons who use the gym for open play must report to the ticket booth to receive a wristband. No one will be allowed in the gym without a wristband.

Racquetball Courts

The South Charleston Community Center has one racquetball court available for use. The time allotment for play is 1 hour. If you require more time, two slots may be rented back to back.

For reservations call 304-744-4731.
The court rental fee for each 1 hour time slot is as follows:


****No Black Soled Shoes Allowed on the Courts*****

No Show/Late Policy

If you are 15 minutes late for your reservation, your time slot can be revoked and given to another customer.

Tennis Courts

The South Charleston Community Center has two outdoor tennis courts available for play from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm.